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Vintage Hello Kitty Birthday Party

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Hello Kitty Picnic 1st Birthday (October 9, 2010)

The classic red and blue Hello Kitty was the theme for baby girl Olivia’s 1st birthday.  Her mom picked that theme since she said Olivia looked like Hello Kitty whenever she would smile, and I had to agree with her after meeting the sweet angel!
The old-school illustrations of this popular Sanrio character were refreshing to see again, especially nowadays when Hello Kitty seems to have shed the reds and the blues, and donned everything pink in its myriad shades.
Come and see how Hello Kitty brought Olivia and her guests to a “happy picnic land” for a fun birthday afternoon :)
Red and white checkered table linens really “picni-fied” the space.  The white foldable garden chairs added so much appeal too.
See the kiddie stools below which were the party giveaways for the kids featuring Hello Kitty and her cute boyfriend :) I love the bow-tie detail! So adorable.
We also gave out picnic baskets to the kiddies with bottled water, milk, cookies, and a red apple.

Red paper pompom centerpieces with daisies in a basket! Plus, care for some fresh milk and cookies? YUM! Mommy provided these afternoon treats.
Here’s our dessert table :)
I don’t really use much balloons when I decorate, but I can’t deny how appealing they are to kids :)  They are happiness on sticks (or strings)!

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