Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Party Preps: Loot Prizes

Giveaways and Prizes for Jacob's Party are always BIG THING to me -- I always try to find time to personalize it or put my own touch especially with our party themes!
I thought it would be easier for me to find Justice League themed items and prizes in Divilandia - but I was ssooo wrong! So, genetic designed items are always big catch to me -- It's just that it requires a lot of effort to make these prizes and loots special.

Here's a photo of from my Instagram account (IG: SASHABELLE_GARCIA) of what I did on ,y 1st night doing Jacob's Party Prizes.

Since I'm on a budget (well, I don't know how much budget! haha) I used the black ribbon from Jacob's Last Backyardigans Pirate Party (it's a left over!)

Whatcha think, guys?



PARTY PREPS: Invitations and Party Printables

Since we’re only planning for a simpler 3rd birthday party for Jacob, I decided to make a simple Justice League Invitation (which won’t be printed) and only be posted in my personal account in Fb page ( it’s only a simple party in a restaurant with approx 60-70 guests).

I got the template from “Mr. Google” J and look up for captions on the web that’s related to our theme – Superhero Party!


Size: 5x7 inches
Program used: I’m fond of playing/using MS Publisher for editing, doing layouts, etc (I’m not good with Adobe L)
Fonts used (for party details):   EA FONT (this is the closest font I could find only for Justice League) and Breezed Caps (for FLASH)

Justice League invitation

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Party Preps: Shakey's Party Package

Since now I'm still on party planning stage, I cannot post anything regarding feedback or reviews for the party. However, I hope this will help you in choosing venue, queries you may ask regarding the package you are availing.

We (me and my husband) dropped to Shakey's Shopwise Sucat last weekend to clear things up regarding Jacob's upcoming party. We already made a reservation on time and date (they just required P1000 for this).

Shakeys - Shopwise Sucat

Company address: Ground Level, Shopwise Sucat, 1700, Paranaque
Telephone No. 403 1608, 403 1614

(photo courtesy of:
Shakey's Shopwise Sucat

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Party Prep: Jacob's 3rd Birthday Bash

It's been a while since I post something new here. And now I'm back planning my son's 3rd birthday party! 
I thought we wouldn't give him a party since it's his 3rd and we're saving for my next baby (pregnancy, etc)... But first born, first grandson will always gets the best of everything.. So here we are again.. and too bad, I'm cramming!

With more than a month of preparation (unlike Jacob's 1st and 2nd Birthday Bash), it feels like i'm running out of time! Anyways, here are some of the updates on Jakey's Superhero Party