Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update: Vintage Circus Birthday Party

This is a looong overdue post on the update on Jacob Marthy's 1st Vintage Circus Party by our client, Ms. Mae. 

These are some of the official photos - be amazed and awed!

Party decorator: Ms. Claudine Sycip of Do Me a Favor 
Giveways and Prizes: Handicrafts,atbp
        mobile: 09175899488
Foodcarts: Seattle's Best Coffee and Big Chill
Entertainment: The Golden Show

Photos below! Enjoy!!

Circus Invitation
Entrance Decor
Table Centerpiece
Ceiling and Stage Decors
Huge Cake and Jacob's costume
Half table of a buffet long Candy/Dessert Station
Circus giveaways
Kiddie Stools
Kiddie Chairs
The Celebrant with his parents!
Happy Birthday Jacob Marthy!

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