Thursday, May 23, 2013

Actual Party: Lalaloopsy Party

Ms. Charina is a regular client of ours, and I'm so happy that we get to work together again!
This time, it's for Iathyna Christening and Birthday Party!
And the theme was the ever popular, colorful and fun Lalaloopsy Party!!

She's based in the United States, so we just communicated through e-mails and private msgs. Ms Charina has a clear view of how she wanted this party would be -- and I'm glad we executed it well!

We supplied most of the decors and giveaways for the party:

Table centerpiece :

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece
The balloon was provided by them.

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece includes their pets too!
We also did the character standees, ranging from 2ft up to 4.5ft!

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece
The big baskets are the giveaways!

Standees, centerpieces and baskets are from Handicrafts,atbp
Thank you Ms Charina for the photos!

Happy Birthday Ianthyna!



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