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A Sesame Street Birthday Party

This is a repost from my original blog (addicted2jakey).

Many people were asking me for the complete details of Jacob's last year Sesame Street Party. This was posted by me in Have fun reading! And for comments, you have leave it here.. Cheers!

It's been a while since we had Jacob's Party. But the memory and experience was something I could treasure for a lifetime. And I'm so proud of it so I decided to share it with you!

Date: 12 Sept 2010
Venue: Prestige Tower Roofdeck, Ortigas Pasig City
Time: program starts at 4pm
Theme: Sesame Street Party

Reason why I chose Sesame Street as the theme for the party: Since Jacob can't choose his own theme for the party, I did! I'm not a big fan of sesame st but the songs and music from the TV series was the first thing that came into my mind when i started to plan Jacob's party. Also, it's a very colorful theme! Perfect way to start Jacob's colorful life with us..

The planning stage started as early his 3rd month bday (right after his christening).

Venue: Prestige Tower Roofdeck
Ratings: 4/5
Ms. Salou was very accommodating in terms of quick replies and assurance of everything I need for the party. Booked as early as April. The only flaw I encountered (but not a major one) was the venue has low ceiling, i just informed the planner of this so she/they could adjust with the decor I wanted for the party.
No corkages for food we brought in. We occupy the whole area for the party since it was quite a big one.
Peso Power: free when you availed their catering service (P15000 and up)
Included in the contract:

Function Room 2 can accommodate up to 120 people with a rate of P1,500/hour. Function Room 3 can accommodate up to 50 people with a rate of P1000/hour. - Jacob's Party was over 200 but still they accommodate it.


o tables and chairs - covered
o mantle and tablecloths - i chose Gold,Emeral Green, Blue and Maroon
o flower arrangement for the buffet table
o centerpieces for each table - we have our own table centerpiece
o stage
o overhead screen
o podium
o sound system (amplifier, speakers, microphone)

To avail free use of our function room for 4 hours, the client must have at least P15,000 worth of food catering booking. In excess of 4 hours, standard rates will apply.
(copied from their website)
Contact: Ms. Salou

Food: Chow Unlimited
The food was prepared by Chow Unlimited. Initially, we only reserved for 100 guests but end up adding more 3 days before the party. Because of this, we occupied the entire party area (roofdeck).

Food Menu: Menu
Steamed Rice
Chicken -Lemon Chicken
Pork- Pork Ragout
Pasta-Creamy Bacon Spaghetti
Vegetable- Mongolian vegetable
Dessert- Buco Lychees
Drinks- (1) one round of iced tea

Price: P260/per x 150 = P39000.00

Additional foods where brought in and prepared by my Mom and my MIL. Good thing! because expected number of guests exceeded our list! about 50-60! and that's huge number for non-RSVP guests Smile
Foods: all recommended (for samples, you could contact me)
Menudo by my dad (his specialty)

Embutido by my Mom (hers)
Spaghetti (by MIL, excess from Kid's Meal)

Pancit Malabon (from Taguig)
Leche Flan
1000pcs of Macaroons ( I ordered from a friend)

Lanzones from Laguna
Gryn Wasabi- Makati Branch - ordered morning of the party. 2 big bilao of mixed sushi. Affordable and everybody took a piece of it.

For the kid's meal, we decided not to avail Chow's Menu since I read feedbacks with the Spaghetti, I just paid extra P700 for the tables and chairs for the kids. To personalized it, I put a sticker on each styropacks with "Jacob's 1st Birthday" Party Pack.

Foods: prepared by MIL
Fried Chicken
Sunkist Tetra Juice Pack

Price: free (c/o them) except for the Tetrapacks. Originally I was looking and wanted an exclusive sesame st party even for the drinks. I saw Apple and Eve's Sesame Street Tetrapack Juices,but no to avail here in the Phils ( I checked everywhere), so I opted for Sunkist Tetrapack Juice.

Ratings: 4/5
Everybody enjoyed the foods! for the kids, the packs were served, for the adults, buffet style.

Decors: Kiko's Balloons and Services
I so loved them! they make Jacob's party such a memorable one to all the attendees! We availed the package 4: P15000.00
Inclusive of:
Full styro setup
- stage backdrop
- character standys
- personalized welcome sign for the entrance
Two balloon columns (upgraded with big foil character head)
Sesame Street Backdrop
Ten (10) pcs balloon table centerpiece with theme mylar balloons
Floating balloons (250 pcs) – balloon drops
Balloon burst - 50 pcs
Balloon clusters for stage floor
Mini cake table arch
Cloth swags for ceiling (in color motif)- red, yellow, green,blue,orange
Party Decoration

Balloon Burst
Balloon Burst in Action
I just added additional P300 for the sculpted/shaped elmo and bigbird (in replacement with the balloon pillar) on the entrance door.
Sesame Street Balloon Pillar
Entrance Decor
availed a party coordinator just to lessen the hassle on registration P1000.00

Peso Power: 4/5
It's the most affordable yet still expensive for decors -( Smile) but i super loved it! I didn't regret we shelled out such moolahs for this party.
I just informed Ms. Kristine regarding the low ceiling, emailed them the photos of the venue (prior meeting). And I just wanted Ballloon drops for ceiling decors, no more no less.
End result - uber nice party!
My cousin from US, Ate San, sent us a package with these uber cute decors.. it's a generic 1st birthday decor, but really makes every inch of it (decor) unique and special..
Swirl Hanging Decor

Entertainment: Lambert Flores Bubbleshow

It's the 2nd supplier we booked after the venue. Saw his ad on multiply and inquired. We availed his P8000 package but on the eve of the party, we contacted them.. It was him who will perform and moreover, he will perform the P12000 package! I super like!
Everybody enjoyed the party because of them. Lively hosting (by his wife), and everyone participated. They asked me to prepare 60 major and 40 minor prizes. But, I ended up more since Ihave balloon burst - i prepared 50 pcs for this. But during the party, other giveaways were given as prizes also! i don't know why.. i just didn't have any control with this - but it's ok. the good thing was i had lots of giveaways prepared for Jacob's party.
4-5 crews were present and they're very organized when it comes to the program and party itself.
Dads in action
Bubble Cake
Guests enjoyed too the Bubbleshow!The best..
Big Bubble

Peso Power: P8000
ratings: 4/5

Giveaways: Handicrafts,atbp
Since, it's our business i prepared giveaways separately for adults and kids.
40pcs for the kids of kiddie stool
Kiddie Stools

50 pcs for the mini kiddie stool for adults but ended up as additional prizes again!

35 pen holder (slot type ) intended for the suppliers as a courtesy gift but ended up as additional prize for the games and activities

tissue holder - giveaways for the guests

ratings: 5/5! everyone loved it! and wants to take home each item! waahh.. i'm biased but really, Jacob's party helped boost our sales via online. it's a unique yet affordable giveaways for a party.
Peso Power: free (since it's ours)

Additional cost was from the thank you tags i made for each item.

Invitation: I personally made this invites for Jacob's party. Since at first i was planning to have a Sesame Street Live! Party but due to restriction with the venue and design/backdrop from the decorator/supplier, we ended up with sesame st party just utilizing all the color themes. For the invites, i made a poster type and designed it this way. so proud! printed it with a laser printer, printed it on a thick 150gsm paper. for the envelopes, i bought colored papers and put a yellow feather at the back of the envelope. it's a way of saying" Big Bird wants you to be part of Jacob's big day!" Smile
Sesame Street Invitation

i just added an additional sheet for the direction to the venue - made by me exp for the party! so proud!
Prestige Tower Map

ratings: 5/5 My DIY!
peso power: im not so sure with the amount but i saved a lot since i DIY it.
Contact: Grace
mobile: +639228716183

Prizes: I bought the prizes and items at Toys R Us, Divisoria Mall and 168 but i made it personal for the party. I put my own touch with a twist to make it more fun!
Sesame Street Stuff Toys

additional prizes were given to:
early bird, youngest guest,oldest,raffle winner.

ratings: 5/5!

Cakes and Cupcakes: Sugarbox by Ms. Emily Uy
I just emailed her what i wanted - all characters and colors should be present in the design. it's up to her. result: super love the cake!! i haven't tasted it nor took a piece of it at home!
cupcake tower:
blowing cake:
Sesame Street Cupcakes
Sesame Street Cake

Peso Power: 4/5 P6500
Ratings: 4/5

Photo coverage and photostudio: Sophia Photography
Spent 13k for this. Worth the money! everybody had fun with the photostudio. and i love the shots! captured every moment!
2 photographers covered the event and around 5 crews for the photostudio!


photostudio: click here

ratings: 4/5

Party Hats: i specifically asked a headress maker for this design and its crowd's favorite!
 at the registration:

cookie monster:
Cookie Monster
Oscar the grouch

Peso Power: 3/5
Expensive for a head gear but really i love it!
ratings: 4/5

Table Centerpieces: DIY by me. Concept was, sesame st everywhere! so i googled for the things about the theme - and picked up the location where he story revolve. blog about the centerpiece: click here
Table Centerpiece

SInce we had lots of tables for the guests, good thing, my Ate San sent this uber cute table centerpieces from US.

ratings: 5/5

Candy Station: I DIY this too! Since I left Prestige Tower Roofdeck to prepare for the party, I just asked Ms. Kristine (Kiko's Balloons) and Ms. Salou (Prestige Tower) to setup the Candy Station which was supposedly my project. But since I cannot do it anymore on time, I r
eally need their help!When I got back, I just saw a beautifully decorated/arranged Candy Station! The DIY 3-tiered plate project was placed the way I wanted it...
Candy Station

Also, the candies,chocolates.. and my DIY candy cups (replaced candy lootbags).
Paper Cups

I'm just so proud of myself and the people who helped setting up Mr. Hooper's Candy Station". I bought assorted gummies (worms, rings, teeths), gumballs, egg-shaped chocolates, chocolate coins, mallows, chocolates,etc. Most of them were bought at Divisoria Mall (basement area). At first, I was kinda hesistant but the seller assured me that they're safe to eat and school canteens buy candies from them. Well, I think, now, it's safe to say that they are safe to use/eat in setting up a DIY Candy Station (no guests complained anything from me regarding the candies!)
Canisters and containers were bought from Japan Home Center and Landmark.

More details: click here

Chocolate Fountain - My Chocolate Heaven
Since, Chocolate fountain in parties is an "IN" thing, I decided to have one for Jacob's Special Day! I availed Ms. Emmalyn Mostajo's My Chocolate Heaven .
Chocolate Fountain
The Platinum Package I got from her has two (2) Chocolate Fountains! One was Premium Brown Chocolate and a Red Colored Chocolate Fountain. What makes it more exciting are the added gourmet donuts I ordered from her. In fact, the guests loved it! (Biased - haven't tasted it).

Peso Power: 4/5
Spent around P7000 for this.I availed the Platinum package from them.
Contact: Ms. Emmalyn Mostajo
My Chocolate Heaven

Facepainting - Partymusthaves by Geoff/Jaja
Since Facepainting means party, I included it in my list, and search the most affordable yet professional facepainters. I saw, "partymusthaves" in multiply, and as early as May, I was already booked with them. The good thing about them, they don't ask for downpayment to reserve the my slot! They just contacted my 2 weeks before the event to confirm my reservation.
A day before the event, they gave me a good offer! P3000 for Kiddie Salon, Facepaint/Hair arts! I just love it! At the event, Jeoff, the owner came with 3 more artists in tow!Moreover, I love the outcome.. the kids had great time with them.From the paint, to the designs, to the glitters and sequins..

Face painting

Peso Power: 4/5
Love the designs and the number of artists in tow to cover the whole event!
Partymusthaves by Geoff and Jaja

Food cart- Krispy Krepe
riginally, I wanted NYFD Food Cart and Nestle Ice Cream or Yoghurt Froz or Shawarma be part of the Jacob's big event. But, with NYFD, I emailed them (twice), no reply was received. I didn't insist...
I love and addicted with White Hat Yogurt, but since they do not have food cart for parties, I decided to have Yoghurt Froz (I took samples from Rustan's Makati Kids Section), I asked for calling card and texted the number indicated. I was so disappointed.. I am really an eager client and willing to pay for their service, but the person who replied to me texted me back that I should call a certain number.. What's the use of the Mobile Number indicated on the number if they are not that eager answering queries from clients?!
So, I said to my husband, since I love eating Crepes and I know the guests will surely enjoy taking a bite, why not a Crepe Food Cart?! I "googled" and saw Krispy Krepe Food cart.
From the previous postings, I think they had some branches at the mall but now they are home-based. I contacted Jomar, and patiently replied to my queries. The good thing about it? He didn't ask for downpayment..! I just gave it full right after the party.
It's a good thing I availed their service - It's A Big Hit at the party! Long line of guests patiently waiting for their turn to take a bite from Krispy Krepe!
Thank You Krispy Krepe!

In general, i'm just a proud mom!I made everything possible and create it just for this party.
For party blogs, check out
for photos, click here

Thank you!
(if you have some queries regarding the party, i'l be glad in lending you a hand!)

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  1. hi ms. grace. I am also having a sesame street theme birthday party for my daughter and was browsing for idea in the internet when I saw this blog. I am very interested with the headdress you used for your sons bday. Where did you get it from?