Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to Series: Invites using MS Publisher

I'm not really a techie person, but I love to work around to things I have with me. 
And MS Publisher is the best program for me -- why? I make all my invoices, cards and even layouts here. So, I'll share with you some tips  using MS Publisher and what are the final products I came up using this program. 

Hope you enjoy it!

First, you need to have the program on your lappy (of course!) Hehe.. 
Second, you should have an idea how your project would look like. 
    With Jacob's 1st Birthday Invites - Originally, it was planned as a Sesame Street Live! Birthday party, but due to limited resources (for the party planner - my bad, I advised her late too that I specifically wanted this) I still made this part of his party a Sesame Street Live Theme 
(note: Sesame Street Live is a concert) . 
Since concert use poster, I made a poster-type invites for Jacob's 1st. 

Sesame Street Invitation

The layout was done and printed in a 5r size photo. 
Background was a spotlight for Jacob's photo ( highlighting He was the star for this party!) And all of the designs (Sesame Street letters) were from Mr. Google (clever?) 
Printed: using our own home printer (I forgot what we're using during those times, I bet, it's a HP Printer) 
Paper: I cant remember much but it's higher than 250 gsm. A very thicker paper/board. And very hard to find!

Map to the venue: 
Prestige Tower map
Basically, you just need a clever mind to think of the perfect Idea how to pull it off - how to make a perfect looking invites for your party.. Combine, copy, paste, type.. And let MS Publisher do the work.

For Jacob's 2nd Backyardigans Pirate Party
Still, I used MS Publisher with same size/layout (5r photo)
Designs and backyardigans photo from the web

Too bad, i think I deleted the photo from my lappy. :(



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