Thursday, December 6, 2012

Instagram: Candyland Party Giveaways

Scarlett Kramer's 1st Birthday Party!

Photo was shared by Ms. Chesca Kramer thru here IG account (@chekakramer)

Happy Birthday Scarlett!

candyland giveaways

Giving Birth to an Angel: Tharaa Olivia

My lil Angel was born! One of the happiest days in our lives when our baby girl was born healthy and so lovely -- like an angel.. 

This is off topic on this blog, but I'm a #proudmama :) So let me share details to you. This will be a loongg post.. 

I gave birth to our beautiful angel last Nov. 21 in Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC), where Jacob, too, was born last 2009 (I'll try to recall and post details re: Jacob's in AHMC).

 I was admitted a day before. Since we already knew the procedures in AHMC, we (me and my hubby) decided to check in late, around 4-5pm. We dropped by first at Festival Mall to buy stuffs and foods for him and my yaya, and for guests (who will visit me and Tharaa). As soon as were done with our small shopping, we headed straight to AHMC.
From our experience, all staffs of AHMC were very accommodating and pleasant. We walked directly to Admitting Section located on Ground Floor, and they immediately processed my paper. Unfortunately, only the Executive Private Room is available - we have no choice but accept it (since I'm already on schedule for CS operation the next day). They were kind enough to lower the price of the room per day (from P5000+  to P4750. We tried looking for option - they put me on waiting list in case a patient from Standard Private Room will be discharged the next day (too bad, the patient left on the last day of my stay in the hospital, so we decided not to transfer anymore)