Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party: Vintage Mickey and Minnie Party

Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle commissioned Handicrafts,atbp to make the Kiddie Stools for the event (It's a rush order, yay! :)

And I'm sharing how beautiful Ms. dela Merced did justice to this theme!
Photos courtesy of  Spark + Twinkle facebook page.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Kiddie Stools by Handicrafts,atbp

Concept to Reality

I love when I see post like this from Party Planners (or when they share their pegs to us). It shows how clever they are conceptualizing themes and every inch of detail for a certain party.

Below is from Spark + Twinkle of Kathleen dela Merced (posted from their facebook page).
I wish I could share more pegs here but I can't (to avoid copycat :)

Handicrafts,atbp provided the step stool (made especially for this party)

Be Inspired!

Theme: Lucas "Little Golden Book" tablescape



Be Inspired: A French Carnival Party

All this time, I though I already featured this Chic Party this blog from Alice's Wonderland by Bambi Hernandez! UntilI checked all my blogposts... (How can I forget this party?!)

This is such a classic, yet very elegant party theme for a 1 year old Girl!

Handicrafts,atbp provided the horse table centerpieces for the party. I do not know much of the details, but here are some of the photos (courtesy of Alice's Wonderland facebook page).

Be Inspired!



Monday, October 15, 2012

Instagram: Client Meeting w/ Ms. Chesca Kramer

I've always been a fan of her.. I love how she dressed up and her angelic face. Luckily, I got a chance to meet her and her family last weekend for some client talk for Scarlett's Upcoming 1st Birthday party by Dec. 

We had a small chat for the party, her plans to order things for the kids' rooms, etc. 
And by that night, she shared photos of the kids with the celebrant's chair I specifically made for them (Kendra and Scarlett). Yay! 


Kendra and Scarlett with their chairs!
I'll post details soon for the upcoming event!



Friday, October 5, 2012

Be Inspired: Sweet Showers Party by Alice's Wonderland

When Ms. Bambi of Alice's Wonderland contacted me to make 3 Huge Letter Standees made of wood for her upcoming event, I got excited! 

I thought these standees would be part of the entrance decor or the main stage (as it's the usual location where these standees are placed in an event). But when I saw her post after the party on her facebook page, I was so amazed with her creativity! 
See below for photos: c/o Alice's Wonderland 

And the theme: It's so unique!
I fell in love with blue boots decor on the dessert table (where the huge standees S & E where placed - it's around 4ft in height!)  and the inverted umbrella that served as flower pot! Amazing!

Lovely Party! Whatcha think?