Monday, October 15, 2012

Instagram: Client Meeting w/ Ms. Chesca Kramer

I've always been a fan of her.. I love how she dressed up and her angelic face. Luckily, I got a chance to meet her and her family last weekend for some client talk for Scarlett's Upcoming 1st Birthday party by Dec. 

We had a small chat for the party, her plans to order things for the kids' rooms, etc. 
And by that night, she shared photos of the kids with the celebrant's chair I specifically made for them (Kendra and Scarlett). Yay! 


Kendra and Scarlett with their chairs!
I'll post details soon for the upcoming event!




  1. hello...may I ask if it is possible to order 2 chairs same ng nasa picture and how much?thank you!

  2. Hi! yes, kindly visit our page and fill up order form. @ P1500 each.

    fb page: