Friday, October 5, 2012

Be Inspired: Sweet Showers Party by Alice's Wonderland

When Ms. Bambi of Alice's Wonderland contacted me to make 3 Huge Letter Standees made of wood for her upcoming event, I got excited! 

I thought these standees would be part of the entrance decor or the main stage (as it's the usual location where these standees are placed in an event). But when I saw her post after the party on her facebook page, I was so amazed with her creativity! 
See below for photos: c/o Alice's Wonderland 

And the theme: It's so unique!
I fell in love with blue boots decor on the dessert table (where the huge standees S & E where placed - it's around 4ft in height!)  and the inverted umbrella that served as flower pot! Amazing!

Lovely Party! Whatcha think?



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  1. Hi ms. Grace im your former customer, may I know how much is the huge letter standee? - melody Cadavis