Sunday, December 29, 2013

FEATURE: Scarlett Kramer's 2nd Birthday Party

Here's the Follow that Star feature (posted on Youtube) of Scarlett Kramer's 2nd Birthday Party.
The Trunki Luggages were here..

Enjoy Watching!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Actual Party: Tharaa Olivia's 1st Jolly Holiday Party (PART 1)

It's been a while since I posted paty updates here on my blog. And I think it is worth the wait.. 
**Note: This will be a log series of party details, including preparation, etc.  This post don't want to be taken out of context (that I'm bragging or what). We spent that much because we wanted a perfect party for our daughter. And it took 11 months preparation so our budget was really stretched.
Enjoy reading!! 

Feel free to comment below if you have details needed. 

Party Theme:  Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Party 
Date:              23 November 2013 
Venue:            PSE Tektite Auditorium

Theme and Setup: 
Being in the event business, this helped me alot (and saved me moolahs) in preppin' for Tharaa's 1st Birthday Party. I'm glad I have friends in business who offered helped (and mind you, they're doing high-end parties!) 
I'm super grateful for Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle for the ideas, decors and everything! 

Ms Kathleen offered me her services for free (only covering for those expenses at cost) . She gave the idea of doing the Jolly Holiday Party for our Lil Miss. When I browsed the web, I find the theme very very dainty and uber elegant (most of the parties from abroad were for 5 yr old kid above). So our task was to make it suitable for our Tharaa's own party.. Luckily,  I have Kathleen for giving all sorts of ideas I had to execute. And we think, this is the first Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Party in the Philippines.. another yay!! 

Decors and Cake: 

There were 2 color scheme selections on the list.. The traditional Jolly Holiday which is Red and White and the Dainty/Shabby Chic and more kid-like pastel shades of pink, mint green and pastel blue. We chose the latter. 

Here's the ceiling decor of the venue. 

PSE Tektite Auditorium
I love everything about this (Actually I don't knnow much of the decors - Kathleen was informing details which one I like etc, I said "SURPRISE ME!" nalang.. lol 
The color scheme is suppperrrr lovely.. Not to much of the balloons, just to fill in spaces . 
Have you notice the kites? Its love..

Handicrafts,atbp provided the table centerpieces. 2 Penguin servers were made especially for Tharaa's party. Kathleen's team painted the penguins and added flowers on the table.. 
(Forgot to buy cupcakes lang! lol) 

Penguin server

Penguin table centerpiece
Stage decor idea was from teh original Jolly Holiday Party.. Wherein Mary had tea with Bert at the park. 

 The horses were from Handicrafts,atbp and Spark + Twinkle did all the paintings and the carousel

The huge cake (which was by the way the gift of Kathleen to Tharaa [soo generous right?]) was made by Sugarplum Pastries (idea and design from Kathleen pa din!) 

The middle part has a Mary Poppins character which by the way was rotating! 

Contact Details:

Kathleen dela Merced
facebook page: Spark + Twinkle 

Sugarplum Pastries 
facebook page: Sugarplum Pastries

facebook page: Handicrafts,atbp

Friday, October 25, 2013

Actual Party: Aviator/ Little Rascal Party

I just want to share to you guys what we did for Ms. Amanda Griffin-Jacob son's party, Kalon ..
Wooden cart giveaways for the guests!

Thank you Ms Kitty Bunag for sharing photos via Instagram!

Here's are some photos of the product:

From ON Production:

Wooden cart

Finished Product:

Wooden cart

Actual Party:

Little Rascal Party

Don't you love the theme?



Friday, June 28, 2013

Letter Standees are IN!!

Letter Standees were part of my son's 2nd birthday party, wayback 2012, (link for Jacob's Backyardigans Pirate Party)

We used these to decorate and welcome the guests!!

We even had some photo ops!

And here comes 2013, everyone loves Standees!

Here are some photos from stylist we worked with (and still does)

And now, we get to customize the depth, the width, the height as per our client's needs!

BTW, the giraffe (on Devon's standees) were from us, too! :)



Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Since It's my Birthday today, weeh! I'd be giving away 10 additional Minibasket for all orders placed today.
You just have to include in ORDER FORM Details: BirthdayCoupon2013
This is offered only today (08 June 2013) and thru this Blogsite.



Saturday, May 25, 2013

Contest: Handicrafts,atbp Promo

This is open to all Handicrafts,atbp clients with orders delivered and for delivery/pickup from January 1, 2013 up to November 15, 2013. 

To qualify:
1. You must be a client of Handicrafts,atbp between the dates indicated above.
2. Willing to pick up the prize at Taguig, or willing to shoulder the shipping fee for provincial winner. 

1.  Post a picture with the item you ordered from Handicrafts,atbp and tag us on your facebook account (Post should be seen publicly so we could verify) and tag three (3) of your friends who didn't know yet about our page. 
2. Include message why you want to receive another free item from us on your status.


              I would love to receive a new Toybox from @Handicrafts,atbp! This would be my gift to my son this coming Christmas. Help me spread the word @Grace @Julius @Ada 

(*Make sure that your tags are valid)

3. Send us an of screenshot of your post to our email with : 
          Subject: Promo 2013 
   and your message includes: 
              Email address: 
              Contact Number: 

4. All entries will be posted on our notes tab. Corresponding number per entry/client will be given depending on how many entries we will receive with the promo duration. Take note of your number. 

Winning entry will receive a new Toybox from Handicrafts,atbp (design can be customized depending on your preference) 


5. Winning number will be chosen via Winner will be posted November 17, 2013 on our facebook page. 
6. Contact us immediately so we could proceed with your order (customization of design is allowed). 
7. Pick up is on 1st wk of December (just in time for Christmas!) 




Thursday, May 23, 2013

Actual Party: Shabby Chic Dessert Station

This photo was sharedvia Instagram by Ms Michelle Alejandro. (Thank you!)

A lovely shabby chic dessert station setup for Abigail and Andres

The cake stands were from Handicrafts,atbp



Actual Party: Lalaloopsy Party

Ms. Charina is a regular client of ours, and I'm so happy that we get to work together again!
This time, it's for Iathyna Christening and Birthday Party!
And the theme was the ever popular, colorful and fun Lalaloopsy Party!!

She's based in the United States, so we just communicated through e-mails and private msgs. Ms Charina has a clear view of how she wanted this party would be -- and I'm glad we executed it well!

We supplied most of the decors and giveaways for the party:

Table centerpiece :

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece
The balloon was provided by them.

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece includes their pets too!
We also did the character standees, ranging from 2ft up to 4.5ft!

Lalaloopsy table centerpiece
The big baskets are the giveaways!

Standees, centerpieces and baskets are from Handicrafts,atbp
Thank you Ms Charina for the photos!

Happy Birthday Ianthyna!



Actual Party: Baby TV Inspired Birthday Party

This photo was shared to us by Ms. Loida of Cuteprints!

They did an awesome job with Addison's Party!
A Baby TV Themed Birthday Party!

Kiddie stools and minibasket were from Handicrafts,atbp



Actual Party: Nautical Themed Dessert Station

This photo was shared to us by Ms Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle.

Nautical themed dessert station!

So lovely, isn't it?!

Nautical dessert station
The boat and paddle are from Handicrafts,atbp



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Actual Party: Wooden crate carts

Yay! I was so thrilled when I saw this photo via Instagram (IG: kwittyb). Ms Kitty Bunag shared it to me what she did with the wooden crates she ordered from us.

Clever, ayt?



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be Inspired: Alphabet Tree

A Client of mine shared this photo via our facebook page (Handicrafts,atbp)

She ordered the letter cutouts from us - and look what she did!! I was inspired to copy it, (can I? :))
Clever Mom!!

Thanks for sharing this photo to us and give mommies out there ideas :)



ActuaL Party: Dollhouse themed Birthday Party

These photos were shared via Instagram by Ms Barbie Pardo (IG: bpardo) for Tatiana's dollhouse themed party!!

We did the 3d house centerpieces for the kiddie tables.

There were 3 photos sent to us to copy regarding the houses -- weeh! and here are the final products

3D House centerpiece

And we're planning to make a bigger dollhouse inspired by these!

Okay, back to the party :) They even made and setup a real/lifesized dollhouse! We made the Vanity Dresser (hidden on the 2nd floor) the 3 flower chairs and the Kitchen Playset!!

Thanks Ms Maite Araneta for letting us be part of this super cute party for Tatiana!



Actual Party: Lily's Baptism

I do not know much details about this party, but I love how it turned out!
Ms Kitty Bunag shared some photos from Lily's Party and it's so chic! Very elegant!

Welcome to the Christian World Lily !

BTW, Thanks to her Mom, a "suki" client Ms Maan of Party Starters, who ordered the picket fence centerpieces (for party decors and props, you may visit their Facebook Page: Look for Party Starters)

They used the centerpieces as:
Picket fence centerpiece
cake stand: clever, isn't it? :)

and decors!

Dessert Station



Actual Party: Connor Consunji's 1st Birthday Party

Ms. Maggie Wilson - Consunji sent me an email regarding Connor's upcoming party (mind you, it's less than a week preparation)
She was very specific with the details and simplicity of the party - opted for printed and color combination only.

Theme: Little Man's 1st Birthday Party

We provided the Letter Standees, the Kiddie Stools, Box centerpieces and the Minibaskets..

Letter Standee

Mini baskets
Kiddie Stools
Box centerpieces

Happy Birthday Connor!
And thanks to Ms Maggie for trusting us!

More details on the party, see the link: Maggie Wilson's blog -



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Creative: Wood Stumps for Party Setup

Ms Kathleen of Spark + Twinkle asked me to provide Wood Stumps for her upcoming party.
I never thought these wood left overs would be used as decors for parties until I saw these photos online and from Ms Kathleen, too!!  (I always think these stumps as for home decors only, lol)

Seen here are the ideas from the internet (Thank You, Google!)..

for dessert station:

 as menu holder:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video: Chesca Kramer on Kris TV

The Krame's home were featured on Kris TV just this morning.
Video clips below!
Yay! and the celebrant's chair (Kiddie Thrones as per Yes Magazine) was shown and had an exposure on television! This made my day!


kristv by dm_5109cf2488ef7



Monday, January 28, 2013

Instagram: Anton's UP Themed Birthday Party

Minibasket and Stool giveaways for Anton's UP Themed Party!

Happy Birthday Anton!

Thanks to his mom, Ms. Jasmin Egan for sharing and tagging us on Instagram!

Up Themed Giveaways


Instagram: Scarlett's Party on Yes Magazine

Thank you! Yes Magazine for the inclusion!
Pls grab a copy of Feb 2013 Yes Magazine for more of Scarlett's Party and other Celeb Kids!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be Inspired: Nastasia Henri's Baptism

Ms. Kathleen of Spark + Twinkle sent me this peg for her previous and lovely setup for her client's Baptism.

I love when I see pegs like this.. from Concept to Reality!
BTW, Handicrafts,atbp provided the porch bench (which by the way was used at Escueta-Magdangal Wedding in Tagaytay)



Baptism: Tharaa's Baptismal Invitation

Baptismal Invitation
Tharaa's baptismal Invitation

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dessert Station: Carousel Themed by Spark + Twinkle

I really enjoy working with party planners (which eventually I became friends with [though we only communicate thru web,lol]) whose are creative and gifted when it comes to party planning.

Ms. Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle sent me these photos from her previous party (she ordered the horse centerpieces in brown finished only. And VOILA! lovely setup for a Dessert Station!

Soo creative, isn't it?

Dessert Station

Friday, January 18, 2013

Table Centerpiece: Mulan

I love this party theme! And I'm glad I get to work with this theme with Do Me a Favor Party Shop!

I'm excited for the outcome!

Mulan centerpiece


Baptism: Tharaa's Sugar Rush Dessert Station

It's a passion of mine throwing nice parties for my loved ones.. and especially now, we have a Little Princess.
This Dessert Station for her party was my main project. Even when I was still pregnant with her, I already started gathering ideas. And, when I finally made up my mind regarding the concept and theme, this kept me up late at night since then.

Theme: Birdhouse/Red and Turquoise 

As I mentioned w/ previous post, I can't fix my mind which so  I decided to combined the two themes!

I'll guide you and give you as much as information I could how I came up with this setup.Sorry this may sound boastful, but really I'm happy and proud how it turned out. #proudmom :)

Dessert Station
Table Decor:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Table Centerpiece: Christmas Themed Party

We did 2 designs for Christmas Themed Centerpiece, however, I only got hold of this Gingerbread man table decor for Dean's 1st Birthday Party..
I never thought of a Christmas themed party until I saw this :)
Love the decors, aren't you too? :)

Decorator: Claudine Sycip of Do Me a Favor Party Shop

Christmas Party
Happy Birthday Dean!



Table Centerpiece: Lego Themed Party

I just want to share what we did for a client.
A Lego themed table centerpiece!

Lego party

Happy Birthday Thirdy!

Decorator: Claudine Sycip of Do Me a Favor Party Shop



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baptism: Tharaa Olivia's Birdhouse/Red & Turquiose Themed Party

Yay! Our daughter was already a Christian!
I'm happy and excited to share to all of you details of her Baptism.

Date: 13 January 2013
Church: Sts. Peter and Paul Parish - Siniloan, Laguna
Theme: Birdhouse/Red and Turquiose Party

At first, I wanted her to be baptized on later months, but, since I'll start working again w/ my regular job in few days, so, I changed my mind and have it on earlier dates.. She's less than 2 months, by the way.

Anyways, back to her Baptism :)