Monday, November 25, 2013

Actual Party: Tharaa Olivia's 1st Jolly Holiday Party (PART 1)

It's been a while since I posted paty updates here on my blog. And I think it is worth the wait.. 
**Note: This will be a log series of party details, including preparation, etc.  This post don't want to be taken out of context (that I'm bragging or what). We spent that much because we wanted a perfect party for our daughter. And it took 11 months preparation so our budget was really stretched.
Enjoy reading!! 

Feel free to comment below if you have details needed. 

Party Theme:  Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Party 
Date:              23 November 2013 
Venue:            PSE Tektite Auditorium

Theme and Setup: 
Being in the event business, this helped me alot (and saved me moolahs) in preppin' for Tharaa's 1st Birthday Party. I'm glad I have friends in business who offered helped (and mind you, they're doing high-end parties!) 
I'm super grateful for Kathleen dela Merced of Spark + Twinkle for the ideas, decors and everything! 

Ms Kathleen offered me her services for free (only covering for those expenses at cost) . She gave the idea of doing the Jolly Holiday Party for our Lil Miss. When I browsed the web, I find the theme very very dainty and uber elegant (most of the parties from abroad were for 5 yr old kid above). So our task was to make it suitable for our Tharaa's own party.. Luckily,  I have Kathleen for giving all sorts of ideas I had to execute. And we think, this is the first Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Party in the Philippines.. another yay!! 

Decors and Cake: 

There were 2 color scheme selections on the list.. The traditional Jolly Holiday which is Red and White and the Dainty/Shabby Chic and more kid-like pastel shades of pink, mint green and pastel blue. We chose the latter. 

Here's the ceiling decor of the venue. 

PSE Tektite Auditorium
I love everything about this (Actually I don't knnow much of the decors - Kathleen was informing details which one I like etc, I said "SURPRISE ME!" nalang.. lol 
The color scheme is suppperrrr lovely.. Not to much of the balloons, just to fill in spaces . 
Have you notice the kites? Its love..

Handicrafts,atbp provided the table centerpieces. 2 Penguin servers were made especially for Tharaa's party. Kathleen's team painted the penguins and added flowers on the table.. 
(Forgot to buy cupcakes lang! lol) 

Penguin server

Penguin table centerpiece
Stage decor idea was from teh original Jolly Holiday Party.. Wherein Mary had tea with Bert at the park. 

 The horses were from Handicrafts,atbp and Spark + Twinkle did all the paintings and the carousel

The huge cake (which was by the way the gift of Kathleen to Tharaa [soo generous right?]) was made by Sugarplum Pastries (idea and design from Kathleen pa din!) 

The middle part has a Mary Poppins character which by the way was rotating! 

Contact Details:

Kathleen dela Merced
facebook page: Spark + Twinkle 

Sugarplum Pastries 
facebook page: Sugarplum Pastries

facebook page: Handicrafts,atbp

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