Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post-Party: Jacob's 3rd Birthday Loots and Giveaways

I'm caught up with load of works for the past few days and week, pardon me for giving you partial details of what we had last Jacob's 3rd Birthday Bash.. 

Anyways, starting with the entrance loots.. 

These loots are provided upon entry to the venue. I personally asked Shakey's staffs to set me up a separate table for this. 
I posted previously how I visually wanted it.. Though didn't achieved the exact peg due to time constraint, still I'm happy --- it's still an A++ (for me! well biased!) for super AAA--eeffort.. :) 
Entrance table
See post and details on preps: click here

I prepared around 80 pieces of penholders with Justice League characters as the designs (chose Batman, Superman, Batgirl, Wonderwoman and Flash). Inside loots were: 
  • extra pens and pencils, erasers and notepads from Divisoria (majority of these were part of the prizes I provided for the party 
  • candy lollipops (which I made a week before the party). I can't find candy molds of Justice League theme so I just utilized what I have - heart design, monster, fishes, etc. 
  • Lollipops, clappers, rattles and candies from Divisoria 
  • Stamps from Toys R Us (I love buying cheap party stuffs here!)
Then I just tied a ribbon for finishing touches. I'm on a "tipid mode" so I just used black ribbon from Jacob's last year's party (which was a Backyardigans Pirate Party

Also, I prepared around 20 pieces of Bubble Sword (I bought from a Local Store) for P10-12 per piece I think and just put a sticker.

For the party prizes, here are some of the items I prepared. I just love fixing and making it more of "my touch" everytime I prepare for my son's party. I bought lots of goodies from Toys R Us, Robinson's Department Store and Divisoria. Some of the penholders were also given as prizes.

Shakey's also prepared some loots for the party (which was part of the party amenities for P3900)
Balloon Burst Prizes:
I prepared 5 special prizes for this. Bought Batman and Joker Logo from Divisoria (for only P100!) Soo cheap..  and really looks expensive!

Jacob w/ his prize


For this party, we gave out around 60 pieces of Mini Toy Box from Handicrafts,atbp. It's a new item for you to avail for your own party/events!

Everyone wants to have a  piece of 2 of these giveaways!

Justice League Giveaways
Giveaways Distribution

Hope you had fun reading this! you may post comments below  :)




  1. Magkano yang toybox sis? Anong dimension? WaiHD

  2. hello! Ask ko lang how much would be for tjhe mini toybox and number of minimum order required? thanks!