Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Limphots Photography

Since Jakey's 3rd birthday party isn't as grand as the first 2 parties we had (1st Birthday and 2nd birthday), I was looking for a cheaper yet somewhat could meet my expectations. 

I dont want to reply with guests and friends' camera for photos, I really allot budget for Photo Coverage. Luckily, I saw Limphots photos from previous events in SP Forum. (I later find out it was owned by one of SP Moms!) 
So, I sent PM to them inquiring for Jacob's party and if they are still free on said date. And luckily, they were! They even know me (I think, since I'm a SP Mom, too) and didn't asked for downpayment. 

Service fee: P2500 plus Transportation charge (I gave P3000 during our event)

I love their shots! He's so into taking photos of every guests and never gets tired running and following Jacob around the party area! 
All decors and details I prepared had photos, too! 
And most of all, I'm really impressed, the next day, I get to view most of the party pics on their Facebook page!

Rating: 4.5/5(There's always room for improvement, but really, they're impressive!)

Here are some shots from Limphots for Jacob's 3rd Birthday Party!

More photos here: click here



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