Friday, September 7, 2012

Party Preps: Entrance Table

For Jacob's 3rd party, since Shakey's only allows 2-hour party, we decided not to setup candy station/dessert station.
So, instead of setting up candy Station, I came up with an idea wherein all guests would still enjoy and take home party favors like chocolates, candies and or lollipops (even if they won't participate on the games prepared by the host). I ask our staffs to make penholders (box type) for Jacob's party -- well, it's still Justice League theme/design.

Below is the peg I'm planning to do and follow for the party. I already informed Shakey's staff regarding this table.
Layout for the entrance Table

Table decor centerpiece
Table decor - it's a paper mache letter cutouts w/ base. I asked our staff to make this for me. I advised them not paint  since I will put comic strip on each letters.I just printed it and pasted it on top of each letter. It's an easy breezy project.

For the message board with easel, I hope I could still accomplish this, since I am running our of time to do this (or, maybe I was thinking this idea for my next baby?) Easel with board will serve as Message board for all the guest.
I already bought a magnetic board from Divisoria and stand from Daiso 88 (I love this Store! Another post on this). I just need teh ref magnets where everyone could write their messages for the celebrant. My problem is, our production has lots of load to do for this month! I hope they couls still finish it (I'm not making kulit with them naman, just the penholders and the giveaways ang important for the party).

Hope you're too as excited as I am planning for parties!



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