Friday, September 14, 2012

Party Preps: Jacob's 3rd Party Table Centerpiece

I posted this on my Facebook account (my personal account). I just made this within minutes!

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Table centerpiece base was from Handicrafts,atbp 
It's approx 14-15inches height, front design only with a dowel at the back for the balloons. 
Shoutout sayin' "Jacob's League" instead of Justice League. 
I had it made for 10pcs (2 each design) 

Then, balloons are from Divisoria - bought them from Kyla Mae Balloons in Divisoria Mall (I'm not really sure what floor, I just knew how to get there from the entrance [since I always buy my party stuffs there every year]) 

I'm Soooo excited for Jakey's party on Sunday! Hoping I could pull this thing off - they way I want!

Below are the centerpieces: 




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