Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Party Preps: Shakey's Party Package

Since now I'm still on party planning stage, I cannot post anything regarding feedback or reviews for the party. However, I hope this will help you in choosing venue, queries you may ask regarding the package you are availing.

We (me and my husband) dropped to Shakey's Shopwise Sucat last weekend to clear things up regarding Jacob's upcoming party. We already made a reservation on time and date (they just required P1000 for this).

Shakeys - Shopwise Sucat

Company address: Ground Level, Shopwise Sucat, 1700, Paranaque
Telephone No. 403 1608, 403 1614

(photo courtesy of:
Shakey's Shopwise Sucat

I had talked to one of the party coordinators, AJ - and I'm quite satisfied with all his answers regarding Jacob's Party. I even prepared a list of queries in case I forgot something (better you do this, too!)

1. I clear things up regarding the time of the party - and it's only for 2 hours! First thing that came into my mind was "How in the world could we make Jacob's party a memorable and fun one with only 2 hours alloted time?!" Yay! So I asked if for extension of time they require additional charge. Sadly, AJ told me "yes". So we need to be very strict on this.(Unless during the party, I feel we need to extend -- I might consider it)
Time we set the party: 3-5PM

2. Host - I initially wanted to hire a host (aside from what Shakey's crew) but when I learned that we will only have 2 hours time (that includes the eating part), I have to stick with their host - and AJ told me he will handle our party (I just reminded him I wanted it to be perfect :)
Advantage: lesser expense! Free of charge - Yay!

3. Food - we ordered 6 Monster Meal Package since we are only expecting around 60 guests. And it will be served buffet style (it's a plus factor for Shakey's offering this (IMHO) ). AJ advised me they do headcount during party and he will let me know this. I can't seem to find the details on the contract what food will be served but according to "Mr. Google", Monster Meal Package consists of below:

(photo courtes of:

Monster Meal Package
  • Manager’s Choice Pizza
  • Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza
  • Classic Spaghetti
  • Carbonara Supreme
  • Tweleve (12) Pieces of Chick N’ Chips Party Pack
  • Three (3) Pitchers of Softdrinks
4. Decorations - In-House Supplier
Initially I was eyeing again for my ever reliable Kiko's Balloons and a SP Mom's Gloomballoons Party, however, as I inquire with Shakey's Sucat, they have an in-house decorator and if I avail, they will (again) charge us P1000.00. So, instead of availing another, I let and stand by my guts choosing their in-house decorator for P2000.00 
That will include balloon pillars on the stage, some balloons hanging decors and cake arch (I think, or I must've forget some decor included in P2000 worth?). Good thing, they allowed me to bring my own balloons and decors and they will decorate it for Jacob's party. I just need to drop it off a day before (so, that's Sept 15). 

I just hope everything will turn out just fine and as i expected it. Will keep u updated!

5.  Loots, Prizes and Mascot. 
Mascot - I'm not so keen with this if my husband paid for this extra or it's for free. I just asked AJ to make sure it'll be Capt Shakey's and he said "yes".

Loots and Prizes - I think this is a compulsary. Everyone availing Shakey's JL Package will get this: 

(photo courtesy of Shakey's facebook page) 

I informed AJ I'll bring my own and additional prizes and lootbags for the games. They just have to prepare more games for adults and kids during my son's party. 

6. Blowing Cake 
They offered me their cake for P1500 with free cupcakes. However, no photo was shown to me for reference..! So, I decided not to avail their cake package and instead, bring our own cake (though, they are very strict - they won't allow it to be served during the party to the guests) 

7. Additional Amenities like Candy buffet and Dessert Station
I really wanted to set this up for Jacob's Party but with a limited time of 2 hours, me and my husband decided not to push through with this. Instead, give all the guests favors upon registration. 

I hope this post will give you insights what are the things you have to ask when availing party package from a restaurant/fastfood.

  • Time and Date (make sure to block it off once you are decided) 
  • Foods to be served
  • Additional corkages on additional party amenities
  • Host or anyone who will handle the party (especially if you haven't seen them perform during an event) 
  • Arrangement of the decors (if to avail in-house suppliers on not, and additional charges) 
  • Included in the package (mascots, loot prizes and giveaways) 
  • Gift for the celebrant if there's any 
  • Blowing cake for the celebrant (very important) 
  • If you will avail outside service (how much they will charge) 
If there's anything you want to add up or clear regarding this post, feel free to contact me.




  1. Hello Grace!

    Thank you so much for sharing this helpful tips esp. when planning kiddie parties. More power. :)

  2. HI grace..Thanks for this helping tool..i myself is having a big problem on preparing my son's first will be on Dec.29 this year and same at shakeys kaya lang matalino branch kami..As fas i can remember talking with one of there manager..I can choose my own party supplier (balloonderitas, candy buffet) without any charges..I think i have to double it check with them..Im not signing the contract yet because Im still confused on everything haha