Thursday, March 14, 2013

ActuaL Party: Dollhouse themed Birthday Party

These photos were shared via Instagram by Ms Barbie Pardo (IG: bpardo) for Tatiana's dollhouse themed party!!

We did the 3d house centerpieces for the kiddie tables.

There were 3 photos sent to us to copy regarding the houses -- weeh! and here are the final products

3D House centerpiece

And we're planning to make a bigger dollhouse inspired by these!

Okay, back to the party :) They even made and setup a real/lifesized dollhouse! We made the Vanity Dresser (hidden on the 2nd floor) the 3 flower chairs and the Kitchen Playset!!

Thanks Ms Maite Araneta for letting us be part of this super cute party for Tatiana!



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