Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baptism: Tharaa Olivia's Birdhouse/Red & Turquiose Themed Party

Yay! Our daughter was already a Christian!
I'm happy and excited to share to all of you details of her Baptism.

Date: 13 January 2013
Church: Sts. Peter and Paul Parish - Siniloan, Laguna
Theme: Birdhouse/Red and Turquiose Party

At first, I wanted her to be baptized on later months, but, since I'll start working again w/ my regular job in few days, so, I changed my mind and have it on earlier dates.. She's less than 2 months, by the way.

Anyways, back to her Baptism :)

Tharaa's Baptism took place in our province, Siniloan, Laguna - (Jacob's baptism too). It's a decision between my and husband since their 1st birthdays were (Jacob's) and will be celebrated in Manila.

My mom was the one who arranged details at the church. I paid P400 including a white gown which wasn't even used! (it's just compulsary to buy it).

Venue: El Cusinero Bar and Restaurant - Siniloan, Laguna

This is my last choice for the venue, I was here a year before and I don't like much of the setup on the venue. Good thing, they renovated the place and exactly what I wanted for Tharaa's party -- fits our theme.
So I made a reservation for 150 guests (they gave me free addtl 30 heads) so total of 180 guests. Venue dress- up/decorations included. I just informed them regarding the theme, I would bring extra foods, and will setup a dessert station for Tharaa's party.
The night before the party, me and mom went to the venue to decorate the entrance and the dessert station (details to follow). Also, left all the details I wanted for next day event.

And true enough, I'm so happy with the setup!

Entrance decor
I was the one who did the entrance! #proudmom

I like the food setup. Aside from the buffet table, more foods were placed on each table (no waiting, no pushing or any commotions happened during lunch/eating time!

Twigs and branches w/ giveaways
Since they have lots of these, I asked my mom to hang all the giveaways on the twigs - which also served as decors! Lovely isnt it? :)
Details on giveaways to follow...

Dessert station
 This was my main project during Tharaa's baptism - her Sugar Rush Dessert Station. I setup this a night before *hanging decors and the table) and just leave all details to my mom (again) - where to place the cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc...
Again, another successful project! #proudmom again :)
Details on another blog..


Birdhouses are the giveaways on Tharaa's baptism --
2 sets were custom made just for this party by Handicrafts,atbp

Birdhouse giveaways
 Birhouse w/ strings were meant for guests. BTW, the birdcage was given by my Ninang Mercy for Tharaa :)

Birdhouse giveaways
and, Birdhouse w/ stand are for the Godparents.

This was my 2nd main project for Tharaa's party.. All the flower embellishments, etc was DIYed by yours truly :) #proudmom

Baptismal Gown:
Bought this from Department Store for P900.00 (i think) It's so classy yet cheap. I can't believe they sell gowns like that ---

w/ Uncle/Ninong AC - Tharaa's baptismal gown
Tharaa Olivia
 Tharaa's headband was from Celestina & Co. It's so lovely..

The guests:

We also prepared a small program for the guests. My Ninang Mercy acted as the host of the event (for free :)

Ninang/Tita Hannah gave a meaningful opening prayer.

Ninang Hannah and Ninang Mercy

Godparents and Lola (s) were asked to gave a message and wish to Tharaa

Our family
Paige of Pahina Photos.. Thank u! Review soon!

Indeed, our daughter's Baptism was a success!
Welcome to Christian World our dear Sweetie!

We love you!

*Feel free to leave comments below..



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