Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

I always dream of having a "girly-girly" party. Hopefully, with my 2nd baby it will come true.. :) 
I have only 2 options for the party theme: 
    One, is Alice in a Wonderland Whimsical Party (details and ideas will be posted soon), and, 
    Two, is a Fancy Nancy Party!

I'm not really about Fancy Nancy, but when a client of mine asked me to do some details for her upcoming party, I got sooo interested and hook with this theme, and would like to share some small details of the party that happened.
Hope you like it!

The table centerpiece:
     It's a huge table centerpiece for  a party, ryt? But, all of her parties are unique so why not?
We made a fancy nancy centerpiece without the dress.. and they ask their own dressmaker to make Nancy's own tutu dress (photo below is just the idea how it look like). Clever isn't it?

from this look: 
naked Fancy Nancy
to this look: (sample peg only)

Fancy Nancy w/ Tutu dress
 For the giveaways, we did alot for this party.. from kiddie chairs to penholders. This celebrant is one heck of lucky gal.. Sooo loved and adorable.
Photos and video credits not mine. Enjoy!

Actual party: Entrance decor
(photo by Jan Tadoyo) 
(decorated by Do me A Favor Party Shop)

 Moreover, it's a Fancy Nancy Ballerina party - and attendees were asked to where tutu dresses!


P.S I wish I could pull off a party like this.. Will update you soon!

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