Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Vintage Circus Birthday Party

 This is a repost from my original blog - addicted2jakey

 This is a party of one of my client.

Jacob Marthy is the 1st born of a client, Ms. Mae, a client of mine I met thru Fb. We just communicate during the whole ordering process via YM and e-mail exchanges.

Since she is now based abroad, she just asked us to deliver the giveaways directly to the venue (this is just a request I cannot say No :) 
At the Makati Shangri-la, we get pass through the Service Door (back area) where all the cooking,etc happens inside the hotel. A Set-up Crew ID was given to us. I wish I took pictures of everything, but I'm quite pre-occupied with the whole delivery thing.
When I saw the Quezon Ballroom (setup time, around 12:30/1:00 pm), I told myself, it is really a special and grand birthday for Jacob :) and at the same time wondrin' who is her decorator/PP :)  (I've met her during the party -- read below)

We dropped off (me and Jojo) the items and texted Ms. Mae that will come back around 5:00 pm.
 She ordered alot from us - from kiddie chairs down to the penholders (Imagine our AUV filled with her orders)
We came back at around 5:00 and instead of Service Area we parked at the Basement of the Hotel :) 
I met Ms. Mae, and she introduced me to her friend, Ms. Claudine (she decorated the venue!)

Too bad, I didn't have any photo of Jacob.. 
Anyways, Happy Birthday Jacob Marthy!! 

Unofficial Photos (from my iPhone):

Entrance Decor:
Circus Entrance

Ceiling decors:
So festive Looking! I really loved this!!

Ceiling decors
See the decors and balloons!
Stage Backdrop:
Circus backdrop
Table Centerpiece:
Super love this! Huge Hot Air Balloons!

Host in Action and Costume: I don't know who she is.. Can't comment much on this.

Party Host in Costume
Dessert Station: So fab!

Carousel decor
ferris wheel decor
The Circus Cake: A Huge Cake for Jacob

circus cake
Giveways and Prizes: from Handicrafts,atbp

Birthday Giveaways
Added notes to this.. It was really a Grand and Fab Circus Party! 
Food Carts: 
Seattle Best (too bad, it's already sold out when we came)
Big Chill (had 1 cup of mango Shake)

Side entertainment: Photobooth

Will update more when I get to see the official photos. Would like to thank Ms. Mae to for getting our service and be part of his son's 1st Birthday party. 

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