Thursday, April 26, 2012

Smurfs in Candyland Birthday Party

This was 2nd birthday of Jacob Marthy (Ms Mae's son - remember, Vintage Circus Party?)
I only have time now to post some details I knew from this party (with Ms Mae's permissions, of course).

Enjoy reading!

Jacob Marthy turns 2! Time flies sooo fast.. Last thing I remembered was his mom (Ms Mae) preparing for Jacob marthy's 1st birthday in Manila, and now in Kuwait!
Having less more time preparing and conceptualizing the party - we end up and agreed on "Smurfs in Candyland party" (She was torn between the two - so I suggested why not combine both themes :) clever uh? :)

Anyways, I knew less of the details - but I'll to give you details, ideas we had while preparing for the party.. And mind you, preparing for a party abroad -- it's really nth time harder than having it here in Manila.

Backdrops and Standees:
Gloomballoons Party Ideas by Ivy Larisma
mobile: 09178095495

     She is an SP Mom too! I heard some good feedbacks and she quote way cheaper for decors, so I made an attempt to suggest her to Ms Mae.
I don't know much of the details they had for this event - but here are some photos :)

Welcome Signage w/ the celebrant
Stage Decor

(I learned after the party that most of the decors made by Gloomballoons were released from the airport after the party --- haist, stressful it was ryt?)

Candyland Table centerpiece
Candyland Table centerpiece
Table centerpiece c/o Do Me a Favor by Ms Claudine Sycip and Handicrafts,atbp

Candy shaped decors
Balloon decors was an effor by Ms Mae and friends
Hanging Round Candy decors from Handicrafts,atbp

Photobooth picture frame
Photobooth picture frame by Handicrafts,atbp

Smurfs cupcakes
Smurf Mascot
Smurfs Giveaways
Smurfs party hats
Cheers! More parties for Jacob!

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