Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Series: Candy Dessert Station from Scratch

I have lots of queries thru my private Fb account how did I made Jacob's Candy Station for his last 2 birthdays.
The trays and candy boxes - I'll share the details where and what are the materials you could use.
Hope this be great help to you in party planning!

I'm not into glasses and clear containers now - maybe because, my kid is a boy and won't fit the party theme. And, I'm scared of breakage and what might happen during the party! So plastics are ok for me.

For the Sesame Street "Mr. Hooper's Candy Station"
(note: Mr. Hooper owns the store in Sesame Street)

Colorful trays:
     These trays were from a local thrift store ( I think I bought these in Laguna). You may also find thse in department stores in the metro. I just availed of the colors that fit the theme(orange, yellow and green).
     For the bases, I used plastic cups and and gluestick. Just make sure it was place at the center of plates for balance.
    For aesthetic purpose only, I put extra Elmo stuff on top of the tray and letter cutout that spells JACOB. Used gluestick,too.

Candy Station

 You may also use regular plastic plates (from the supermarket) and instead of using the thick plastic cups, I opted for a lighter paper cups and put some Sesame Street embellishments (I made those using foam paper and glue - a different post on this) as decor. Cute, right?

Instead of the lootbag or plastic, I bought around 100pcs of colorful paper cups from a local supermarket and decorated it with sesame street character faces.

candy loots
You may also use this cut sand pails of your kids. Bought these from Toys R us for only P20.00! You don't have to think much of the candy scoopers, tongs,etc since this pail comes with 1 shovel which will serve as the candy scooper. Huge savings, right?

For Jacob's Pirate Party, I made a ladder with boxes that spells out JACOB CEDRIC. It's a two way thing, I don't have to make a standee for this candy station but still, you will know it's his candy station and this holds most of the candies for the party.

Candy Station

Candy Station
For that, I used: styroboard (from a local bookstore), cardboard (illustration board), glue and paint.
I just lined up each boxes with plastic (I'm afraid the paint would stick to the candies). I cut-out his name on a board and painted it.

Pirate loot bag
To set the theme, I used treasure lootboxes as candy loots for his candy station (remember, we're having a pirate party). And just made character standees to set the theme.
I opted not to paint the treasure boxes and just put sticker. 

The celebrant in action:

Backyardigans Pirate Party
Hope you could pull off a this too at your own party! Share and leave comments!



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