Sunday, September 30, 2012

Party Preps: Looking for Party Venue?

When  preparing for a party, (IMHO), this is the first thing you/we need to accomplish, finalize and settle above anything else. Though I know, during this time, you have already a theme (may be themes) in mind for your event. It's better if you have a clearer picture of how you visualize your party because it will help you deciding which venue suits your theme. 

Anyways, I'd like to share to you what are the criteria I have when preparing our own party. 

1. I ask myself first, how many guests (a rough estimate) will attend our party? I even ask my husband regarding this! 

2. If we have a rough estimate, I ask myself and him our budget for the venue. 
(In our case with Jacob's 1st Birthday - he gave me the total budget he will give me for the party (excluding my personal expense for whatever "arte" I wanted :)). I set aside around 10k-15k for the venue, however, I find out while searching the web about Prestige Tower (some details here) - that they will cover the venue in exchange of availing their minimum amount for catering catering service, isn't it a great deal? So, the budget I alloted for the party turned out to be part of other thing s I wanted for Jacob's party. )

3. If you have lots of options for venues, sub-classify it to: 
             a.  accessibility - from where all/most of your guests will be coming from? 
             b. will there be a public transport in case some of the guest do not have a private vehicle? 
          c. time and date of your party (IMHO, I think, as a DIY Party Planner, you should stick as much as possible to the time and date you wanted). 

Personal kwento: With Jacob's 1st birthday party (again), I wanted it to be on Saturday, but since I really wanted Prestige Tower (considering above criteria) I settle for Sunday but on the time I wanted (which was 4-7pm). Luckily, I reserved/booked the venue ahead (5-6 months before the event date). Always ask for a clear contract copy (read and read and read.. then ask ask ask [if you have any concern]). Do not hesitate to ask and tell them what you really wanted for the party. 

4. If you have time, do an Ocular Inspection. But before that, make a list of questions and details of your party. You don't want to miss anything for your party, right? I always do this! 

5. If you are already satisfied and final with the venue, settle the reservation fee.

6. A week or 2 weeks before the event, remind them about your party. Also, if you have a ny revisions, additional requirements, advise them ahead.. If you're only communicating through phone, do not forget to ask who are you talking to (in case a problem may arise) and note it. 

Will try to come up with a List of Party Venues that will surely help you preparing for your own event. 




Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post-Party: Jacob's 3rd Birthday Loots and Giveaways

I'm caught up with load of works for the past few days and week, pardon me for giving you partial details of what we had last Jacob's 3rd Birthday Bash.. 

Anyways, starting with the entrance loots.. 

These loots are provided upon entry to the venue. I personally asked Shakey's staffs to set me up a separate table for this. 
I posted previously how I visually wanted it.. Though didn't achieved the exact peg due to time constraint, still I'm happy --- it's still an A++ (for me! well biased!) for super AAA--eeffort.. :) 
Entrance table
See post and details on preps: click here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Limphots Photography

Since Jakey's 3rd birthday party isn't as grand as the first 2 parties we had (1st Birthday and 2nd birthday), I was looking for a cheaper yet somewhat could meet my expectations. 

I dont want to reply with guests and friends' camera for photos, I really allot budget for Photo Coverage. Luckily, I saw Limphots photos from previous events in SP Forum. (I later find out it was owned by one of SP Moms!) 
So, I sent PM to them inquiring for Jacob's party and if they are still free on said date. And luckily, they were! They even know me (I think, since I'm a SP Mom, too) and didn't asked for downpayment. 

Service fee: P2500 plus Transportation charge (I gave P3000 during our event)

I love their shots! He's so into taking photos of every guests and never gets tired running and following Jacob around the party area! 
All decors and details I prepared had photos, too! 
And most of all, I'm really impressed, the next day, I get to view most of the party pics on their Facebook page!

Rating: 4.5/5(There's always room for improvement, but really, they're impressive!)

Here are some shots from Limphots for Jacob's 3rd Birthday Party!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Jacob's Party - Shakey's Shopwise Sucat


For Jacob’s 3rd Birthday Party, we decided to avail Shakey’s Party Package. SP Forum helped me in preparing and deciding where to celebrate a simpler party for my Jakey.

Since Shakey’s Shopwise Sucat is the most convenient location for most of our guests, I asked my husband to inquire first thru phone regarding details of the party. They only require P1000 for reservation/blocking of time and date and settlement of half 1-2 weeks before the event.(We settled 90% of the total amount 2 weeks before the event). They gave Official Receipt (always ask, in case problem may arise). 

Time of the Party: 3-5 o'clock in the afternoon

I called up hours before the party to advise them I'll be dropping by some of the prizes, loots and table centerpieces for the party (which I prepared at home and ahead of time). They were very attentive (naman) when I came, and temporarily store the items on the 2nd floor and locked it. 

Since our party will start by 3pm, we arrive ahead of time, around 2:20-2:30 pm to prepare the things needed for party. Unfortunately, the 1st party (though theirs was already done) haven't left the venue yet! Ugghh.. They just left when we (me and my relatives went it to prepare the things). 
This problem was common for party with only an hour allowance for egress. 
So, when you book with them, be clear on what you really wanted regarding this matter. Jacob's party started around 3:30 pm (30minutes late) and most of our guests were already inside waiting for the program. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Instagram: Party Preps

I just wanna share to all of you this photo I posted on my Instagram acct (username: SASHABELLE_GARCIA)

Excited for his own party
#cantwaitforsunday #photooftheday #cutenessoverload #instacollage #instago #igers #justiceleague #love #happiness



Party Preps: Jacob's 3rd Party Table Centerpiece

I posted this on my Facebook account (my personal account). I just made this within minutes!

#proudmama #achievement #partypreps #cantwaitforsunday #excitedmuch #jakeysbday

Table centerpiece base was from Handicrafts,atbp 
It's approx 14-15inches height, front design only with a dowel at the back for the balloons. 
Shoutout sayin' "Jacob's League" instead of Justice League. 
I had it made for 10pcs (2 each design) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Setup: Table Centerpiece

I saw this when Ms. Kathleen of Spark + Twinkle tagged me her photo from her last event.
I'm so impressed with this setup -- I thought those step stools she asked me were to given as gifts!

And when I visit her Facebook page, she has this "Concept to Reality" album which features those ideas she has in mind while prepping for the party and the actual photo from the party itself! See for yourself -- Impressive, ayt?

Photo credits to Spark + Twinkle:



Be Inspired: Huge Letter Backdrop for your Party

First of all, I'd like to thank Ms. Bambi Hernandez's of Alice's Wonderland for making us part of this party for her client.
Her facebook page: click here

When Ms. Bambi asked me to make a huge letter standees made from wood for her event, I was kinda hesitant at first - it's so huge and I worried (during those times) how we could deliver the items to her place.

And when I saw these letters, I thought it's for a wedding! and will be placed outside the venue as entrance decor..

But when she posted the photos after the event on her Facebook page.... I was really amazed with the creativity Ms. Bambi has! Even the hanging umbrellas that served as flower pots --- so clever!!
Anyways, I would like to share some photos (which I grabbed from her page.. credits to her)..

Be Inspired!



Monday, September 10, 2012

Contest: Sponsor Me, Handicrafts,atbp!

We love throwing parties! And unique giveaways too! Since, we love you, our dear client, and It's my Jakey's Birthday Month, we are now giving away and sponsoring giveaways for your party! 

We are doing this for months thru sponsorship of blogs and or promos and contest on our Facebook Page. Now, I think it's time to promote this blog! 

Thank You for Continued Patronage.. May God bless US all! 

In joining this contest, you get a chance to  win: 

20 Mini tool caddy 
20 Penholder (box type) 
20 Mini basket

All could be customized to your party's theme! Isn't it GREAT? 

1. This is open to all Handicrafts,atbp fans, buyers and clients. 
2. Contest will run from Sept 10, 2012  - Sept 25, 2012. 
3. Announcement of Winner is thru our Facebook Page on Sept 26, 2012 (evening)
4. Winner will be randomly picked via Random Number Generator. (All entries will be validated to qualify)
5. Open for December 2012 onwards pick up. 
6. For pick up only (please see our Order form for details). For provincial winner, shipping fee will be shouldered by the winner.

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Goodluck and Ope you win!!



Friday, September 7, 2012

Parties I love: ALL things GIRLY + Model Inspired 4th Birthday Party

I Love this girly concept for a lil girl's party!
I saw this from Kara's Party Ideas and I'd love to do this theme for my baby girl when she's already a toddler. I love the simplicity yet elegant styling of this party!

Here's how the party stylist setup this special party for this lucky lil lady. I just love it!''

This ALL THINGS GIRLY + MODEL INSPIRED 4TH BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Lizelle De Kock of Organizit Party Styling (South Africa)! First things first, how adorable are the silhouette backdrops on the main dessert table… This party is so so darling!
Lizelle said- “Specially for a little lady turning four. This party was everything a little lady girl…some more pink…a crown…high heel cupcakes…edible jewelery and sweets for the entire modeling community! The silhouette background display was perfect to portray little Megan’s love for modeling. Tiny suitcases were on display filled with musk sweets, packed and ready to go to the fashion show!”

Vendors and Credits:
High heel cupcakes: Designer Cakes (Annette Wall)
Sweets: Organizit Party Styling
Cake: Honeyzzoom Events (Anneke Kruger)
Photography: Malitza K Photography
Party Styling & Design: Organizit Party Styling
Printing: Franic
Items available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:
Glass Jars
Striped Paper Straws
Glass Milk Bottles

More details,  click the link:



Party Preps: Entrance Table

For Jacob's 3rd party, since Shakey's only allows 2-hour party, we decided not to setup candy station/dessert station.
So, instead of setting up candy Station, I came up with an idea wherein all guests would still enjoy and take home party favors like chocolates, candies and or lollipops (even if they won't participate on the games prepared by the host). I ask our staffs to make penholders (box type) for Jacob's party -- well, it's still Justice League theme/design.

Below is the peg I'm planning to do and follow for the party. I already informed Shakey's staff regarding this table.
Layout for the entrance Table