Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Party: Janine's 7th Rockstar Themed Party

It's a suppperrr overdue post of my friend, Jeanjenzel's daughter, Janine, (she may be turning 8 anytime now, lol) 

Janine was the first-born of our friend, and first from our barkada. Everyone's excited to prepare for this party. However, weeks and months before the party, I, too, became too busy with work and business. Good thing, her mom is super hands-on with party, that she did follow every ideas we gave to her for the said event, with her own twist of course!

The theme was set to Rock! It's A Rockstar themed Party for Janine's 7th Birthday.. 
With color theme of: hot pink, black, and blue, and zebra print! 

I don't have much idea on all the details for this party (pardon me!) But i'll try to give you insights regarding the theme and how it was executed beautifully. 
I know everyone's raving about this party (it's quite new in the province so everyone's talking about the party [even days after,lol])

Here's the stage decor: 
(all photos courtesy of my friend's fb page)

Originally, we wanted a styro backdrop, but with limited resources we have in the province, my friend, decided to use tarpaulin (we told her to do an ocular visit at the venue and measure everything!)

The letter cutouts were made of styro (credit to who made it!) following the color pegs given. 
Janine loves Bratz  - that was added too! 
Balloons were from Divilandia :) 

Letter Standee
 4ft Letter standee for the entrance was provided for the party (c/o Handicrafts,atbp)
 I love the details on the floor!

candy station: 

 The cupcakes:

The Celebrant: 

The fab fam: 

Me and my friends: (PS I don't know some of them, lol) 

(Me, Jacob,IDK,IDK,Janine, Aefril, Arriane, Gretel, IDK)
Me and Jacob
Photo and Video coverage by: JV All Events Photography
Hosting and Entertainment by: Lambert Flores
(both from Manila just for the party)
Photobooth by: SEGA Photobooth

Happy Birthday our dear, Janine!



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  1. Hi ms. Grace im your former customer, may I know how much is the huge letter standee? - melody Cadavis