Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jacob's Pirate Costume

With Jacob's 2nd Backyardigans Pirate Party - we prepared 2 costumes for him to wear. - Party details here

A  Pablo costume (Backyardigans character) - this is the  fave character of Jacob from the show. Gladly, my Ate San volunteered to buy this costume from Party City and have it ship it time for party. But, when Jacob saw the costume, he doesn't want it wear it! Could you feel the frustation I felt during those times! 

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Pablo Costume
But my mom is really a life-saver! She asked me to look for a peg for a costume and will try our luck with her friend, a local dressmaker (who made Jacob's costume - Peter Pan). So I tried to look online for sample designs that she could copy.

Here's the peg I want her to copy:

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And, guess what? She did it! With her own version! Everybody loves it! Especially Me!
I just added the skull embellishments (bought from Toy Kingdom [ glad that during those months, they started selling Halloween items!])

Jacob with dad

Jacob's pirate costume

Want the outfit? Send us message!



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