Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Be Inspired: A Garden Themed Party

I'm opting to have this theme for baptism (if in case, I'll have a baby girl soon!). It's so cute yet refreshing! 
And I'm sharing you the pegs, design I might use for this theme! Hope this will help you if you like this theme too!

I'm a sucker for beautiful table centerpieces. Aside from the stage decor, this would be the next thing on my mind when I do party planning. Why? This is the most noticed accent/decor of all - your guests will surely look into it - bit by bit while they''re waiting or killing time. 

So as for the centerpiece. 
A nice wooden pushcart would be fine for me. Will add up some fresh plants and flowers. 

Pegs below:
Garden table centerpiece

Garden table centerpiece
You may opt to put some fake butterflies on top (attached to a wire) for some "wow" factor. 

Also, you may give this as extra giveaways for the party!For the godparents,maybe? 

Hope this simple idea will give you idea on how to make your Garden themed party more exciting!

Be inspired!



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