Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Actual Party: Wooden crate carts

Yay! I was so thrilled when I saw this photo via Instagram (IG: kwittyb). Ms Kitty Bunag shared it to me what she did with the wooden crates she ordered from us.

Clever, ayt?



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be Inspired: Alphabet Tree

A Client of mine shared this photo via our facebook page (Handicrafts,atbp)

She ordered the letter cutouts from us - and look what she did!! I was inspired to copy it, (can I? :))
Clever Mom!!

Thanks for sharing this photo to us and give mommies out there ideas :)



ActuaL Party: Dollhouse themed Birthday Party

These photos were shared via Instagram by Ms Barbie Pardo (IG: bpardo) for Tatiana's dollhouse themed party!!

We did the 3d house centerpieces for the kiddie tables.

There were 3 photos sent to us to copy regarding the houses -- weeh! and here are the final products

3D House centerpiece

And we're planning to make a bigger dollhouse inspired by these!

Okay, back to the party :) They even made and setup a real/lifesized dollhouse! We made the Vanity Dresser (hidden on the 2nd floor) the 3 flower chairs and the Kitchen Playset!!

Thanks Ms Maite Araneta for letting us be part of this super cute party for Tatiana!



Actual Party: Lily's Baptism

I do not know much details about this party, but I love how it turned out!
Ms Kitty Bunag shared some photos from Lily's Party and it's so chic! Very elegant!

Welcome to the Christian World Lily !

BTW, Thanks to her Mom, a "suki" client Ms Maan of Party Starters, who ordered the picket fence centerpieces (for party decors and props, you may visit their Facebook Page: Look for Party Starters)

They used the centerpieces as:
Picket fence centerpiece
cake stand: clever, isn't it? :)

and decors!

Dessert Station



Actual Party: Connor Consunji's 1st Birthday Party

Ms. Maggie Wilson - Consunji sent me an email regarding Connor's upcoming party (mind you, it's less than a week preparation)
She was very specific with the details and simplicity of the party - opted for printed and color combination only.

Theme: Little Man's 1st Birthday Party

We provided the Letter Standees, the Kiddie Stools, Box centerpieces and the Minibaskets..

Letter Standee

Mini baskets
Kiddie Stools
Box centerpieces

Happy Birthday Connor!
And thanks to Ms Maggie for trusting us!

More details on the party, see the link: Maggie Wilson's blog - haute-affair.com